Get More Dental Patients With These 7 Instagram Profile Hacks

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Are you looking to attract more patients to your practice? You’re not alone. In this day and age, finding loyal clients isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s for this reason that social media marketing for dentists is on the rise.

Instagram has over 2.35 billion active users, which means there is a vast audience for dental practices like yours to tap into to attract new clients. However, not all dental practices on Instagram are equally effective at reaching and engaging their audience. In this blog post, we’ll share some Instagram profile hacks that will help dentists get more patients.

Step 1 – Optimise Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing people will see when they land on your page. When it comes to making the best use of this space, you have 2 options depending on your type of practice:

1 – Personal Brand: If your practice is more of a personal brand, we recommend using a bright, crisp and clear headshot of yourself. Try to use one of your brand colours as your background, with your face as the main focal point. This is great for building trust.

2 – Business: If you practise under a business name, then you’ll want to share your business name or a recognisable symbol here. Something important to note is that oftentimes, logos are long business names that don’t fit into the profile picture circle well.

This means you have to zoom your logo out to fit, but it’s not easy to read in the end. Rather opt to use a submark logo version. A submark is essentially a smaller and more simplified version of your logo that will be much easier for your audience to see and recognise.

A clear profile picture can help your audience remember your brand and help them find your page in searches. So don’t neglect this portion of your profile if you want new clients!

Step 2 – SEO Optimise Your Page Name

Did you know that your page name is searchable on Instagram? It’s true! Make sure to include a relevant keyword that your audience might use to find dental practices like yours. For example, “Dr. Chen | Family Dentist | Sydney” or “Urban Dentists | Dental Practice | Melbourne”. This will help your practice show up in search results when people look for dental services in your area.

Step 3 – Optimise Your Page Bio

Your bio is the perfect place to tell your audience who you are, where you’re based, what you do, and how they can reach you. Make sure your bio is clear, concise and informative. You only have 150 characters, so make every word count. Be sure to use relevant keywords to help improve your discoverability on Instagram.

Step 3 – Set Up Your Contact Details

Include your contact details and address in your profile so that potential patients can easily find you and reach out to book an appointment. This sounds simple, but many Instagram users forget to do this and miss out on potential leads. Remember, we want to make everything as easy as possible for your potential client to contact you.

Step 4 – Set Up Your Call-to-Action Button

The call-to-action button is a great way to encourage potential patients to take the next step and book a consultation with you. You can either use the booking function, where clients can book directly via your page, or the lead form function, which gets your potential clients’ information so you can call them back. Be sure to choose the option that works best for your practice.

Step 5 – Set Up Your Page Highlights

Highlights are like a mini-website within your Instagram page. Use them to showcase key information your audience will need, such as services offered, pricing and insurance information.

You can also create highlights for client success stories, promotions and specials, and behind-the-scenes pictures or videos. These can help keep your audience engaged and informed about your practice.

Step 6 – Set Up Your Pinned Posts

Your pinned posts are prime real estate. Be sure to highlight the most attractive posts that your audience will want to see here. This may be key information about your business, client success stories, or photographs of your practice. Use this space wisely to help convert visitors into patients.

Step 7 – Your Posts

Lastly, remember that the posts you share on Instagram should be high-quality and engaging. Show off your expertise and showcase your practice by sharing photos and videos of your work, testimonials from happy patients and helpful tips related to dental health. Consistency is key, so be sure to post regularly to keep your audience engaged and informed.

By completing the above 7 steps, you’ve…

1) made your page searchable for your audience to attract new customers,
2) made sure that once the audience lands on your page, they can obtain key information, and
3) easily know which step to take next.

Don’t Have The Time On Your Hands To Worry About This?

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