4 Best Dental Marketing Company Tips On Targeting & Attracting Ideal Dental Patients

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You can compete for the biggest bite of dental patients in your area by focusing your efforts on your ideal type of clientele. Here are 4 top tips from the best dental marketing company on targeting and attracting the ideal type of dental patients for your practice and converting them into loyal customers.

1) Identify Your Area Of Interest Or Specialisation

Spend some time analysing and identifying if there is a specific segment of the dental market you want to focus on. Make a list of your particular areas of expertise, along with the type of patients you most enjoy working with. For example, you may wish to focus on dental health for children or older people or have a special interest in sports dentistry.

By tightening your focus area, you will be better positioned to customise your marketing efforts to this market sector.

2) Know Your Target Audience: Who Is Your Ideal Patient?

With your focus segment in mind, it is now time to create a profile of who you would consider to be your ideal patient. Factors to consider would include:

  • Demographic information such as age, gender, income and employment status
  • Specific dental needs
  • Specific health concerns related to dental health

3) Create Targeted Content

Now that you have a sense of your preferred patient profile, you can begin to generate content specifically suited to them. For example, include blogs on your website that focus on the information that would be most useful to them, like educational articles, the latest trends in dentistry, infographics and success stories of similar-profile patients.

4) Convert Leads Into Loyal Customers

Leading potential customers to your door is just the beginning. By implementing some of the following strategies, you will be able to convert these leads into loyal customers:

  • Personalised communications, such as appointment reminders.
  • Providing an excellent patient experience from booking to billing and everything in between.
  • Keeping up with the latest techniques, products and equipment will keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • Follow-up and feedback after each appointment to ensure you have a satisfied customer or to address any concerns they might have.

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