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Our full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service is the cornerstone of every digital marketing solution we design. It is the key to your visibility in the digital world. Instead of being an invisible plot in a busy digital city, your digital “storefront” is visible to anyone who is in the city and needs your services.

SEO is a set of technical and strategic practices that help your practice show up when internet users search for your services, usually adding a geographic location. A set of actions are undertaken that involve your website backend, content, all non-website postings and advertising. It is a comprehensive treatment that influences every part of your digital presence.

Organic search results mean your business will show up as a result purely driven by the search engine company’s assessment of your online presence via algorithms. An organic strategy is pivotal to the long-term success of your digital presence as it influences other aspects of deep SEO strategy.

Non-organic search results mean you have an advertising campaign running that shows adverts to users if they have searched specific keyword phrases.

When your SEO has gained traction (by gathering sufficient amounts of your brand’s digital traffic data), we can strategise with you about the campaigns or adjustments that were the most effective in increasing appointment bookings. All future campaigns and actions are influenced by this strategy revision.



Local SEO involves our team assessing your practice’s geographic location, your primary services and treatments as well as your toughest competitors. Within these key areas, we scrutinise which search words your target market is using, and we arm your digital presence with the ability to show up when these search words (keywords) are typed in.

Keyword ‘stuffing’, an unscrupulous practice by some low-quality agencies, will cause a downgrade of your website by search engines which is hard to come back from. This is why experienced, senior technicians, copywriters and marketers are used because they know how to create the level of quality that search engines demand.

Good SEO is not about increasing the traffic to your website; it is about increasing the RIGHT kind of traffic to your website – quality leads. This will increase your conversion rate, which is a topic we call conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

How It Works



Our overall SEO technique can be split into 3 big processes, each with a multitude of smaller processes. Some of these run concurrently, some overlap and some are less frequent.

Customisation – Before creating solutions, aside from technically structural ones, we review and conclude an SEO strategy with you that is unique to your practice. It will be the driver behind your market share growth. Next are the sub-technical steps of devising compliant page titles, CRO and SEO optimised meta descriptions and URLs for your revamped website.

SEO To The Power Of CRO – The SEO optimisation of your content is vital to be ranked well with search engines for organic searches and rated well for paid search campaigns. But content is critical for your conversion rate optimisation as well. Our senior, highly skilled content writers put their skills and talent hard at work to boost your digital presence, engage visitors and drive them to conversions (bookings, calls, queries). Content and keywords are foundational elements of your strategy.

Brand Digital Authority – Believe it or not, your “social standing” (a.k.a. domain authority) in the digital city of the internet is assessed by the AI of the search engines. This means it’s not only what you know, it’s who you know. We assess which digital links will drive up your website authority and implement them. This materially affects budget savings in paid campaigns and search rankings generally.



The dream machine that is Bite & Sight niche medical marketing SEO has served Dentists and Optometrists collectively and have driven countless leads monthly to these clients. When you choose Bite & Sight, we choose you, which means we will not choose your competitors. Our agreement is one of complete exclusivity – we won’t work with anyone else in your industry in your area.

While you will not be our only client, you will feel like you are. As your strategic marketing partner, your goals get the care and attention they deserve. You also get an instant team of senior marketing SEO experts, PPC experts, highly experienced web developers and top quality, senior copywriters ‒ without increasing your headcount.

Bite & Sight are proud to be Google partners, which means our PPC experts have the inside track to create the most effective Google ads. More bang for your buck!

You will have access to our denatl marketing platform that gives you transparency into what results are being achieved at any time you choose.

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Strategy Process

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The first step in the process for the Bite & Sight team will be to audit your website and any campaigns you might have running. Next, we audit your internet-wide digital presence. In addition, our teams will analyse your local digital area and the searches being done by your target market. After all this data is collated, we will also check up on your top competitors, their digital presence and what they have in place.
You will get:

Accurate assessments done by senior technicians.

Relevant strategic feedback that makes sense for your industry.

A tangible solution on how to beat your competitors in the digital space.